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Green promise

We have recognized that there is also great potential for sustainability in the pool industry. We are working on that, because these are our values ​​and our green promise to our next generation and the environment.


For us, sustainability means long-lasting, hygienic and perfectly clean pool water.

These conditions can be realized with safety, durability and quality of the products. At Peraqua® we represent exactly these values ​​and see ourselves responsible for a safe, user-friendly and sustainable pool operation. We always strive to find solutions that meet our values. That is why we are constantly optimizing our pool technology, working on creative solutions for automatic pool operation and perfectly dosed water treatment, and guaranteeing an above-average service life for products from our in-house brands.


product features

automatic backwashing

iiQnnect detects and monitors the pressure in the filter tank. If the pressure is too high, the Aquastar® Air backwash valve reacts and automatically initiates the backwash process. This practical function ensures effective filter performance and prevents bacteria build-up in the pool water.


water level

An automatic water level sensor integrated in the Ocean® Skimmer M5 deluxe or in the expansion tank prevents the water level from being too low and the pump from running dry.


reduce energy consumption

The E.Pro electronic swimming pool pump is the best way to reduce energy consumption in swimming pool operation and is therefore undoubtedly one of the Peraqua® iQ pool technology. The variable speed of the pump is adapted to the pool operation so that only the necessary energy is used.



Digitalization has long since entered the pool industry.
Realtime data on temperature, salinity, pH and chlorine values readable on different Apps on mobile devices are no longer a dream of the future to keep the pool clean.

We want to be one step ahead and optimize the "jungle" of pool apps for maximum usability, security, cleanliness and sustainability. This works with the control of all pool technology components via a single app, which can also be integrated into the smart home system - the Loxone Smart Home app.
So pool owners can control the pool at all times and anywhere

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