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You want exactly your favorite temperature when bathing in the pool?

With the  Smart Inverter heat pumps ECO you can heat and cool the pool, which automatically regulates your comfortable temperature. In contrast to traditional heat pumps, the inverter heat pump ECO does not work at a fixed frequency. The ECO heat pumps are equipped with compressors that work at three speeds. The speed is increased or reduced depending on the energy requirement and the environmental conditions.

Pool heat pump ECO

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What is the inverter technology?

What is inverter technology?


Conventional on / off heat pumps work at a fixed speed. The compressor is constantly switched on and off. An inverter heat pump, on the other hand, automatically increases or decreases the temperature of the water by changing the variable speed.


This saves energy and money on the one hand and reduces temperature fluctuations on the other. It only produces as much power as is necessary.
In addition, the inverter technology extends the life of the heat pump because it is not constantly switched on and off. Smart.


the bigger,
the better

Do you prefere quiet and energy-saving pool technology?
The heat pump is usually dimensioned based on the pool size. However, a larger or more powerful model can usually be operated at a lower speed. This means higher energy savings and lower noise levels. Because of the higher performance, a larger model also extends the bathing season.

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